Lebih 9k Perkongsian Di FB, Lelaki Ini Beri Sebab Kenapa Kaum Wanita Sentiasa ‘Betul’

" Nak baju melayu kaler biru "
" Turqoise ke Royal Blue "

" Turqoise tu apa ? Nak kaler Biru "
" Yela biru apa ? ada banyak biru "

" Beli laa biru mana-mana. Why must be so complicated ? "
" Beli sendiri "

Woman is complicated

I have struggle enough to understand my mom and my sisters and I think I already had enough. But, whenever I got into university and I know more and more of them.

" Sis , marah ke ? Sorry "
" ..... "

" Alaa sorry please "
" Whatever Luqman. Sana pergi ! "

When they were mad at us. We need to apologize at least three days or a week from them.

But , when we were mad at them. They will become mad because we were mad at them. Ends up , we are the one who have to say sorry 😂

Yeaayyyyy. Why you were so soooo unfair sister !

" Kenapa perempuan ni susah difahami "
" Sebab kami sendiri pun tak faham diri kami sendiri. Macam mana lelaki nk fahami kami "

" So how the hell should we react ? "
" Kami bukan untuk difahami , Kami untuk disayangi "

Don't try to understand them. Just treat them, love them, listen to them.

They were created to win
Even it is obvious that we are right and they were wrong. They want to win anyway. Lets call it as a draw :')

If you can't bear the pain. Take them and put them in the washing machine and live alone :')

Happy woman's day i wish to all those complicated creatures !

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